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Jean Wiecha,  Newark, April 2009, oil on canvas
Patricia Palmer, Milestone, Encaustic and mixed media

Dianna VosburgSpill, nail polish and varnish on paper
Kay Hartung, Cellular Interactions 1I, Encaustic on panel SOLD
Kay Hartung, Cellular Interactions 1, Encaustic on panel
Joe Barnes, Power Plant Diptych, photography
Mary Tinker Hatch,  Filaments V, Oil, Carborundum on Paper

Ellen Fisher, Bud, photograph with colored pencil

Mary Spencer, Volcanic Memory, oil, Ink, Acrylic on Wood
Mary Spencer, California Dreaming, oil, Ink, Acrylic on Wood
Mary Tinker Hatch,  Filaments VI, Oil, Carborundum on Paper
Jennifer WoodSave Fort Point, archival inkjet print
Carrie CraneRussian MineAcrylic on Plexiglass
Joel Moskowitz, 1st Place, charcoal

Joe CarpinetoTower of Powerstainless steel rods

Jennifer WoodNM Passage, archival inkjet print

Kristen Jayne, Heat N Serve, photograph
Fay Senner,  Self Paradox, Polaroid Sx-70 collage

Internal Combustion IMAGES

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Ellie Kerns, Still Water Runs Deep, oil on canvas

Karen Jacobs, Ephemeral Series No. 34, oil on canvas
Ruth Segaloff, Out of the Fire, assemblage
Madeline Lord, City, welded steel

Kate Gasser, The Crusher Plant, oil on canvas

 Meryl Blinder, Transformation 2, oil on canvas
Scrap-Works,  Buddha,  Rice Barton form, metal

Susan R. Smith, Vintage Motors II, watercolor

Jane V. Coder, Any Given Day (detail), acrylic

Sarah Fine-Wilson,  Vestiges,  Mixed Medium- clay, porcelain, glass

Jane V. Coder, Factory Vents, pastel

Lynne Damianos, Spark Trails, giclee photograph

Carrie Salsberg,  Renovations, mixed media, collage

Becky Kisabeth Gibbs,  Fornaxindia ink, watercolor, powdered pigments 
Eugenie Lewalski Berg,  Shooting Star, concrete, encaustic, graphite powder

Eugenie Lewalski Berg,  Skyline, concrete, encaustic, graphite powder

Roy PerkinsonSodium-Vapor Floodlight (Window, Twilight), oil on canvas

Richard Kattman, Man with a Broken Nose, oil on canvas

Timothy Wilson,  No.177,  photograph

Timothy Wilson, Fatboy with Red, photograph

Bob Hesse, Entrails II, photo on silk

Joyce Goodman,  Earth's Internal Combustion #1, Acrylic

Joan Sprachman, Rustic Hangout, Acrylic

Joyce Goodman,  Earth's Internal Combustion #2, Acrylic