CROSS TOWN: September 6-30, 2012

The work of Tim McDonald, left, and Catherine Carter, right.
Five artists, all with close ties to Framingham. They make art here, they teach art here. Individually, they express themselves in diverse forms, from sculptural ceramics to abstract and representational imagery on canvas and paper. Together, their innovation energizes the creative fabric of this community.

Some of the pieces on exhibit can be previewed below. 
To find out more about a piece, or to arrange a personal visit,  contact us at

Plunge, by Catherine Carter

Ripple 1,  by Catherine Carter

Double Dragon, by Tim McDonald
For Ikkyu, by Tim McDonald

Fish Abstract 2, by Ruth Scotch

French Fish Market, by Ruth Scotch

Romance, by Keri Straka

Sponge, by Keri Straka
Figure Composition #1, by Bob Collins

Figure Composition #2, by Bob Collins