Andrew Haines, Greg Heins, and Roy Perkinson

Installation view, Sight Lines exhibit
Two painters and a photographer, colleagues and long-time friends, display their recent work in this exhibit.  Painters Roy Perkinson, who coordinates the show, and  Andrew Haines, along with photographer Greg Heins, are intrigued by the urban landscape, and  might be characterized as “poets of the commonplace,” transforming the mundane into a thing of beauty, something evocative and meaningful. Read an article about the show, published in the Metrowest Daily News.
Roy Perkinson, Billboard, Allston (detail), oil on canvas ; Greg Heins,  Dior at Nanterre, photograph;
 Andrew Haines, Old Statehouse (detail), acrylic and graphite on paper.

Here are some examples of the work included in this show: 
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Roy Perkinson,  Highway at Dusk, oil on canvas.

Andrew Haines,  Lamartine Street,  acrylic and graphite on paper,.   

Roy Perkinson,  Street at Night, oil on canvas.

Greg HeinsCimitiere de Neuilly, photograph.

Andrew Haines,  Huntington Ave, Northeast,  acrylic and graphite on paper,. 
Greg Heins, Red Gym, photograph.

Roy Perkinson,  Store on Highway, oil on canvas.

Andrew Haines,  BPL Stop,  acrylic and graphite on paper. 
Roy Perkinson,  Farm Pond at Night, oil on canvas.

Andrew Haines,  Between Copley and Hancock,  acrylic and graphite on paper.  

Greg HeinsHotel, Ave St. Jean Juares, photograph.

Roy Perkinson,  Route 135, Late February, oil on canvas.