Kay Hartung and Jodi Colella

Two media artists explore the patterns and structures of the biological world, each creating works suffused with energy, beauty and intellectual curiosity-
the intersection of art and science.

Gallery shots of the MORPHOLOGY exhibit.
Here are images of individual pieces which are included in the show-more will be added soon!
To find out more about a piece, or to inquire about purchase of artwork, please contact us at fountainstreetfineart@gmail.com.

Kay Hartung, Macrocell 3
Kay Hartung, Macrocell 4

Kay Hartung, Macrocell 5
Kay Hartung, Cell Motion 1

Jodi Colella,  Receptor 

Kay Hartung,  Cell Motion 2

Jodi Colella,  Blast

Kay Hartung,  Metacell 7

Jodi Colella,  Lichen (detail)

Kay Hartung,  Cell Fusion 1

Jodi Colella,  Marrow, detail

Kay Hartung, Cell Fusion 4

Jodi Colella, Traces 1

Kay Hartung, Orbs 2