Bob, Lou and AJ Grignaffini

September 4 – 28, 2014    
Reception September 6, 5 – 7 PM 

Paintings and sculpture create a playful celebration of music in motion.
Artwork from the exhibit is included below. 

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Bob Grignaffini, Local Commotions First Show
oil, 48"x36", $1,800

Bob Grignaffini, Dance Of The Three Sisters
oil, 48"x48", $1,800

Lou Grignaffini, Sunflower, Welded Metal Found Mixed Media, $2,400.00
Bob Grignaffini, Dancing Trees, oil, 40"x30", $1,400

Lou Grignaffini, Cats Tail, (installation view)
Welded Metal Found Mixed Media, $1,300.00

Bob Grignaffini, Famiglia
oil, 20"x20", $550

Bob Grignaffini, Between Realms
oil, 24"x36", $975

Bob Grignaffini, Guhtur
oil, 24"x20", $850

Bob Grignaffini, Harmony
oil, 36"x36", $1,500

Bob Grignaffini, Harvest
oil, 12"x24", $550

Bob Grignaffini, Hill Tunes
oil, 40"x30", $1,500

Bob Grignaffini, Sky Bear
oil, 18"x30", $975

Bob Grignaffini, Watching
oil, 42"x28", $1,400

Lou Grignaffini, Oil-Can Blues (installation view)
Welded Metal Found Mixed Media, $3,600.00

Louie Grignaffini, Walking Flower
Welded Metal Found Mixed Media, $95.00

Louie Grignaffini, Guitar ManWelded Metal Found Mixed Media, $875.00 SOLD

Louie Grignaffini, Guitar Man (detail of back)

Bob Grignaffini, First Light
oil, 36"x36", $1,500
A.J. Grignaffini, Scrap Crab
Welded Metal Found Mixed Media, $650.00 SOLD

Bob Grignaffini, Mesa Valley Drifters
oil, 20"x16", $550

Louie Grignaffini, Guitar Man
Welded Metal Found Mixed Media, $225.00

Bob Grignaffini, Grandpas Banjo
acrylic, 8"x 8", $225 SOLD

Bob Grignaffini, Dancing Trees
oil, 40"x30", $1,400