Summer Juried Show: June 27 - August 3, 2013

Reception June 29,  5-7 pm

Over 300 artworks were submitted to this show by artists from all over the country;
 Juror Kathryn Markel selected 45 pieces by 36 artists. 

Markel chose “artists that have a unique, consistent style that expresses a distinct way of looking at the world, and a kind of clarity of intention… artists that are making art that I haven't seen before, and that are introducing me to new ways of looking at the world. “

Here are images of artwork included in the show.

To find out more about a piece or artist, or to inquire about or purchase artwork, please contact us at
C.K. Aderem, Fruit Loop

Laura Wulf,  01061012
Laura Wulf, 1606051

Mary Tinker Hatch,  Primordial Matter 1

Mary Spencer, Crossing Over

Lisa Sazer, Still Life with Biscotti and Cupcakes

Lisa Sazer, The Persian Rug

Linda Schlosberg, As Above So Below

Laura Segal, 2Vernal+Barren III

Unju Sim, Red, Yellow and Black #4

Rhonda Smith, Drift

Paige Berg Rizvi, Santa Rosa II

Beverly Rippel, Three Bics

Judy Riola, Propped Upright

Carole Rabe, Orange Lamp

Sue Post, Better Red

Nat Martin, Two Beds, 2012

Joel Moskowitz, Green Field

Stacey Piwinski,  Linda

Stacey Piwinski, Margo

Nat Martin, Charlie's Socks

Maria Malatesta,  Field #15

Ellie Kerns, Tripp Street Freight Elevator

Marjorie Kaye, Riverview

Karen Jacobs,  Edges of the World

Susan Johnson, Solar Shower at Fowler

J.B. Jones,  Pink Suite

J.B. Jones,  Chatelaine

Eaden Huang, Such Great Heights

Eaden Huang, Eruption

Donna Howard, Flying Soupbone

Bob Hesse, Remains of a Grand Machine SOLD

Sara Fine-Wilson, Levitate

Ellen Fisher, Lost Toy

Ellen Fisher, Post Season

Susan Funk, Barbara's Beach
Pamela DeJong, Ballyvaughn SOLD

Kim Carlino, Cosmological Formations, series III, IX

Kim Carlino, Cosmological Formations, series III, VIII

Fran Busse, Dawn SOLD

Patricia Boyer, Portrait of a Woman

Darien Bird, Sweet Hole
Darien Bird, Johansson

Lisa Barthelson, Illuminations 4

Julia Berkley, Pond Rhythms

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